About Model X Shop

Joe D Martinez - Model X Shop Founder and CEO

It all began in the summer heat of 2019. I wanted to sell a giant bag of speedos and underwear from all the brands I worked with throughout the years. I amassed so many items that were no longer being used, but still had value.

This sparked the idea to create a way for loyal fans who follow and support me, to own something personal. As sales and engagement grew, so did the fans’ requests. People started asking for personalized photos and videos to accompany their purchases. Eventually, I also branched out into auctions and giveaways, and with that, Model X Shop was born!

With Model X Shop, I wanted to re-envision what a model/influencer/creator virtual shop looked like. It was important for me to keep the social media aspects while also being able to sell at a set prices or auctions along with the addition of key business insights that are needed to run a side hustle successfully. From one independent contractor to another, all for the enjoyment of the fans.

How did the name Model X Shop come about? There are so many different people from various industries, and a “Model” signifies someone who has gained a following by authentically representing themselves as well as their industry. This site is for everyone and leaves an open invitation for those who want to create a personal “Shop” to expand their world and connect with their fans.

Whether you are an actual model, an actor, a gamer, a skateboarder, or even a Yoga/Zumba instructor, Model X Shop is here to help get items from your world into the hands of those who would appreciate them the most – your fans. The options are almost limitless!

Welcome to Model X Shop!

Joe D. Martinez

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The place where fans can purchase clothing, art and more from their favorite people online.

A place where influencers and fans are more connected than ever before. Influencers are able to sell their belongings to their fans, to show up right in front of their door, something you can feel touch, and use.